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Saint Anselme College

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Action Plan Committee wants to hear from you!

Context of the action plan:
President Favazza says diversity is a key part of the college’s Vision 2025 strategic plan.
President Favazza appointed and instructed a committee to develop a DEI action plan to recommend actions
to advance the college.
Over 30 community members have contributed to the DEI action plan since this school started
year (this includes faculty, staff, current students, a recent graduate, and a member of the monastic community).
President Favazza sent a letter to campus on April 8. The letter invited the entire community to consider and
provide feedback on the draft action plan.
Key points of the action plan:
Compositional diversity1 on a campus is necessary but not sufficient,

The plan is organized around 4 main axes (EDUCATION, ACCESS, COMMUNITY AND WORK-
FORCE) as well as the infrastructure to support them.

Timeline: We are currently in phase 1 of the action plan and are developing phase 2 which will continue until 2022-
back to school 2023
Next steps of the action plan:
The draft DEI action plan and feedback form are now available on the college
My Anselm portal under the “Office for Diversity & Inclusion” tab.
Now is the time to voice your ideas and suggestions. Fill out the feedback form TODAY!
Questions regarding Diversity, Equity or Inclusion or the DEI Action Plan can be directed to DEI Action
Plan Committee Co-Chairs: Dr. Ande Diaz at [email protected] or Dr. Ward Holder at [email protected]

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